10 years & 10 seconds

How long does it take to make content open? How long to brand a resource as free to use for everyone? How long to share creations? Nothing at all. In less than 10 seconds any file can be stamped as knowledge to share. Either if we use a Creative Commons or we send our creation to the proper registration office or we use any other means to give up that creation, all in all, no longer than 10 seconds.


With the support of the project OpenMed, At Birzeit University, the responsible for the Open Repository FADA, Birzeit University Open Access Repository, Dr. Diana Sayej, presented their current status, after 10 years of design and negotiations with the Board and the faculty. Ten years to make things happened. Now, they provide faculty with a fine repository based on DSpace that collects research outputs and shares with the community.

Open Education must be proactive, no matter how long it takes

They have a specific plan to encourage that very faculty to create and share, so that open resources become available on a regular basis. At UNIR, we provide a repository (Re-Unir) where outstanding Master theses are uploaded, along with scientific papers and other resources.

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The Openmed project team at the Strategy Forum about Open Education at Ramallah, Palestine