Daniel Burgos has earned 12 doctorate degrees, up to date (9 PhDs, 1 DBA, 2 doctorates). In addition, he earned 12 other university degrees in Spain, United Kingdom and the United States. This makes him the person with the most earned PhDs, and the second-most credentialed person, worldwide.

Earned doctorates

Economics (Doctorate, Azteca University, Mexico) [2022]

Grief Counseling (Doctorate, American International Theism University, USA) [2022]

Health Sciences (PhD, Central University of Nicaragua) [2021]

Open Science & STEAM Competences (PhD, University or Reading, United Kingdom) [2021]

Management (PhD, Central University of Nicaragua) [2020]

Theology (PhD, Theological Institute at University of Murcia –Spain- & Pontificia Università Antonianum -Italy-) [2020]

Business Administration (DBA-PhD, SMC University, Switzerland) [2017]

Anthropology (PhD, University of Westminster, United Kingdom) [2016]

Education (PhD, University of Barcelona, Spain) [2013]

Computer Science (Dr. Ing. PhD, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) [2008]

Communication Science (PhD, European University, Spain) [2006]

Degrees from accredited universities

– Professional Certificate programme (postgraduate) in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT, USA) [2019]

– Master of Science in Biology (European University Miguel de Cervantes, Spain) [2015]

– Expert degree (postgraduate) in Homeopathy for Pharmacists (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, Spain) [2014]

– Bachelor of Arts on International Business Administration (University of Lincoln, United Kingdom) [2004]

– Master of Science in New Technologies for Information and Communication (Distance Education National University-UNED, Spain) [2002]

– Specialist degree (postgraduate) in Communication and Education (UNED) [2001]

– Expert degree (postgraduate) in Teaching and  Computing (UNED) [2001]

– Expert degree (postgraduate) in Teachers Teaching (UNED) [2001]

– Expert degree (postgraduate) in Non Formal Education (UNED) [2001]

– Bachelor in Computer Information Systems (The University of New York, USA) [2001]

– Associate degree in Primary School Education (Pontifical University of Salamanca-UPS, Spain) [1992]

– Associate degree in Computing Engineering (UPS, Spain) [1991]

Graduate degrees from non-accredited institutions (professional training)

– Master of Science in Training and Communication Management (Instituto Directivos de Empresa, Spain) [2000]

– Master of Science in Open Systems (Unisys, Spain) [1991]