A Smart Collaborative Educational Game with Learning Analytics to Support English Vocabulary Teaching

Learning Analytics (LA) approaches have proved to be able to enhance learning process and learning
performance. However, little is known about applying these approaches for second language acquisition using
educational games. Therefore, this study applied LA approaches to design a smart collaborative educational
game, to enhance primary school children learning English vocabularies. Specifically, the game provided
dashboards to the teachers about their students in a real-time manner. A pilot experiment was conducted in a
public primary school where the students’ data from experimental and control groups, namely learning and
motivation test scores, interview and observation, were collected and analyzed. The obtained results showed
that the experimental group (who used the smart game with LA) had significantly higher motivation and
performance for learning English vocabularies than the control group (who used the smart game without LA).
The findings of this study can help researchers and practitioners incorporate LA in their educational games to
help students enhance language acquisition

Full open access at https://www.ijimai.org/journal/sites/default/files/2021-05/ijimai_6_6_22.pdf