“We will develop the full potential of UNIR research projects”

After the first month running the new Vicechancellorship we interviewed Daniel Burgos in order to know first-hand what will be the next steps to foster Knowledge Transfer, Innovation, Research and Technology at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja.

UNIR UCC+i: What is the main objectives of this new Vice-Chancellorship?

Daniel Burgos: We are very focused on the full cycle of a Research & Innovation project, from design to the implementation and the actual exploitation of the project results. We want to cover every single step of the project, focusing on the sustainability and actual use of the project for Society.

UNIR UCC+i: What kind of outcomes can we expect from a project?

Daniel Burgos:  The project exploitation can be commercial, but also can be intellectual through patents registration, copyright, thesis writing, dissemination pieces… for instance. All the necessary to make closer the gap between the research activity, the society and the market.

UNIR UCC+i: How many fields will be covered by the Vice-chanchellorship?

Daniel Burgos: We will support every single researcher at UNIR to develop this career in order to reduce this gap to the society. That means to pay attention to every single activity and academic field covered by the university. The main part of this task is offered by the International Projects Office (IPO).

UNIR UCC+i: This idea opens a wide range of new exciting fields to explore…

Daniel Burgos: Yes, we have a very special focus on educational technology and innovation, which really concentrate the eighty per cent of the activity of the university on this field. But we are also covering other disciplines like law, health, medical science, social sciences or engineering at large. In addition, the Vice-Chancellorship pays a special attention to the relationship with industry through our institutional chairs like IBM, Telefonica, or AENOR. And also, we have a very productive relations with international institutions such as UNESCO and ICDE through our chairs. Thanks to this work we have organized the UNESCO-UNIR ICT & Technology Latam Congress 2016.

UNIR UCC+i: What is the role of dissemination on the new Vice-Chancellorship?

Daniel Burgos: Through our Science Dissemination UNIT we are going to release all the knowledge produced by our activities in order to share it with the society. We are very proud of the support of various government institution to our UCC+i (Unidad de Cultura Científica y de la Innovación, in Spanish)

With all these elements we will develop the full potential of the university from the projects to the after projects which is the actual final goal of this Vice-Chancellorship.

UNIR Research UCC+i