(PhD, Central University of Nicaragua) [2020]

Title of the thesis

Integrated framework for open innovation and management in Higher Education

Marco integrado de innovación y gestión abiertas para la Educación Superior


The incorporation and use of open innovation and management in higher education institutions becomes relevant in online and blended models, especially in times of crisis. This work proposes a structure that guides the relations of the university with other actors, a systematic review of literature is carried out identifying the publications on the subject, both from its application and from the perspective of dynamic capacities, from there, a frame of reference is elaborated that allows optimizing the link between those who participate.

The factors and challenges of the institution are identified so that it integrates research, teaching and extension missions with the productive and social sectors into its processes, in addition to an integrated innovation framework, which defines the guidelines and strategies of inter-institutional alliance. Likewise, it allows to guide the formulation of new research and forms of relationship in inter-institutional integration and the benefits of this.

This paper addresses the necessary adaptation of innovation and university management models towards an open framework, fundamentally focused on academic managers and directors, who must be originators and vehicles for their correct design and implementation. This framework also includes teaching and learning methods of universities to respond to the needs of students, who increasingly perceive the risk of interruption or alteration of training programs. Both actors require a rapid and guided adaptation towards frameworks that integrate open resources and methodologies, and that allow combining all the existing qualities innovative ways of solving new and recurring challenges. Even more so due to crisis situations, such as armed conflicts, natural disasters, economic recessions or health alerts, such as the current pandemic.


Universidad Central de Nicaragua

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