How AI improves personal attainment in the classroom

Last November (2019), I was kindly invited by Squirrel AI as a keynote speaker in their annual conference: the 4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence + Adaptive Education (AIAED). Along with over 20 other speakers, thousands of on-site and online participants, and hosted by the founding partners Derek Haoyang Li and Joleen Liang, we shared pro-active and passionate discussions about the present and future of AI, personalised learning and Education, at such. A rewarding experience that I want to retrieve in this pandemic, as a personal insight about how AI can helps us all to better learn and teach, and to manage academic goals.

Following, my contribution in English, with slides also in Chinese, and subtitled in Spanish.

Keynote at 4th AIAED 2019 conference, Shanghai, China: How AI improves personal attainment in the classroom