How to use IMS Learning Design and SCORM 2004 together

Tattersall, C., Burgos, D., Vogten, H., Martens, H., & Koper, R. (2005). How to use IMS Learning Design and SCORM 2004 together.


Standardisation plays an increasingly important role in e-learning, requiring designers to make choices as to the route to be followed during the development of e-learning courses. IMS Learning Design is an e-learning specification which allows e-learning designers to describe Units of Learning – delimited pieces of education or training, such as courses, modules or lessons. SCORM 2004 is the latest version of Advanced Distributed Learning’s reference model for e-learning, which describes a content model and run-time environment for Shareable Content Objects. IMS Learning Design and SCORM 2004 are often positioned as mutually exclusive alternatives. This article outlines the case for using the two together and examines approaches to achieving integration between Units of Learning and Shareable Content Objects.