Intelligent Process Automation: An Application in Manufacturing Industry

Background: The intelligent processes automation has been catalogued as one of the most potential and strategic technology solutions to develop a corporate digital transformation. Method: This paper introduces essential concepts to create Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) in industries and proposes a framework to implement IPA technologies successfully. The approach involves: firstly, assembling a good implementation setup and deeply researching the process using process mining techniques. Secondly, choosing and locating the best AI technology inside the IPA. Finally, defining an appropriate architecture of the IPA. Results: The paper illustrates an IPA use case in the manufacturing industry, where it is possible to automate the process of sending production orders to a manufacturing plant and optimize waste and plant capacity significantly. Conclusions: The research depicts the potential of intelligent process automation and its quantifiable benefits in the manufacturing process, and the contribution can be applied to different enterprises with a global context.

Full access at: Lievano-Martínez, F. A., Fernández-Ledesma, J. D., Burgos, D., Branch-Bedoya, J. W., & Jimenez-Builes, J. A. (2022). Intelligent Process Automation: An Application in Manufacturing Industry. Sustainability, 14(14), 8804. MDPI AG. DOI: