Mapping IMS Learning Design and Moodle. A first understanding

Burgos, D., Tattersall, C., Dougiamas, M., Vogten, H., & Koper, R. (2006). Mapping IMS learning design and Moodle. A first understanding.


The specification IMS Learning Design (IMS LD) and Moodle look for a common understanding focused on the integration of both e-learning approches. The final goal is that Moodle will be able to play an IMS LD package and any IMS LD tool will be able to import a Moodle course and use it as a base, or even to import a Unit of Learning made in IMS LD to be used and played in the Moodle Course Management System. The Unit of Learning in IMS LD (UoL) and the course in Moodle become the perfect marriage where to find several elements that should match one to each other. This paper show how to make this understanding between notations, mapping related elements in both to get a list of pairs easy to translate from one to each other, and to define also a list of requirements for this protocol.