Mobile English Learning: A Meta-analysis

The advantages of mobile learning (m-learning) in English education have been widely described in previous research; however, there is little evidence of its effects on student outcomes. To fill this research gap, we conducted a meta-analysis of 54 empirical studies to measure its impact on student achievement. In addition, we estimated the moderating effects of the pedagogical approach, the learning environment, the education level, the control treatment, and the mobile device. The results indicate that m-learning has a large impact (𝑔=0.94) on students’ achievement. This effect is influenced by the pedagogical approach, the education level, and the control treatment, but not by the learning environment or the mobile device. Finally, we explain the nature of these results in light of learning theories.

Full access at: Garzón, J., Lampropoulos, G., Burgos, D. (2023). Mobile English Learning: A Meta-analysis. In: , et al. Learning Technologies and Systems. ICWL SETE 2022 2022. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 13869. Springer, Cham.