Polysemy, Open Education and the glass ceiling

Open Education is a chameleon. While being the same on the core, it means different based on the context. We always talk about the re-poker of Open Education: resources, publications, data, research results and policies.

In the project OpenMed, we have developed a regional agenda in Open Educational Resources (OER), which is a basic kit for openness, so that anyone can retrieve a general declaration on the topic, either in French, Arabic and English, and adapt it to their needs.

Strategy and action plan

This declaration is focused on a number of key issues, such as technology or governance, which altogether make a vision. Of course, that mission requires a strategy and an action plan with specific activities, metrics, risk assessment, quality check and so on, like any other project.

We could break the glass ceiling between the “good-willing but fool” and the “too realistic to take Open seriously”

OpenMed Regional Agenda in OER
OpenMed Regional Agenda in OER


If Openness is discussed just inside the Openness sect of Education we reach the opposite (Close-ness) and we miss the basic target. We cannot preach the choir of already convinced members. We need to outreach the external potential members, should they want to join freely, but actively.

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