Practical pedagogical uses of IMS Learning Design’s Level B

Burgos, D., & Koper, R. (2005). Practical pedagogical uses of IMS Learning Design’s Level B.


One of the main concerns while making lesson plans in IMS Learning Design is how to model practical pedagogical actual scenarios in IMS Learning Design, and how IMS Learning Design can help to move real lesson plans, fully focused on pedagogical and didactical uses, to an open e-learning specification without getting lost in the process within technical issues. So, is it possible to make it? and how? This paper intends to put together the pedagogical requests of teachers and learning designers and the technical approach needed to come them true using the Level B of IMS Learning Design. Through different examples and specific uses we describe both, the pedagogical needs and the suggested coding and we link them to provide a joint together view that allows to point out a discussion formula where didactical end-users needs on teaching meet a pedagogically expressive specification able to come across.