Special Issue «Advanced Research and Innovation on Technology-Enhanced and Online Learning: Sustainable Education and Learning for All»

The year 2020 represents a time of change like no other. COVID-19, fake news and national closures are threatening not only educational systems but also global communities and societies. How we respond will likely have a dramatic impact on our future. This Special Issue is concerned with how the Education Sciences and technology-enhanced learning (TEL) can together inform a sustainable future in which global agendas can still be realized, such as United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #4 on ‘quality education for all’. Indeed, do we know what can be sustained or what is most important to sustain? What emerging TEL innovations are positioned as part of a recalibrated digital infrastructure supporting education?

Such a scope therefore welcomes scientific papers presenting results from advanced research and innovation on technology-enhanced and online learning: That includes historical and systematic reviews with a future outlook; analyses of evidence-based research and innovation; developments in curricula, practice and policies; localised case-studies; and guidance on good practice for educators making the transition into technology-enabled learning. Urgent challenges that need to be addressed include growing skepticism against scientific research, the proliferation of misinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories. How might open science principles in research on technology-enhanced learning best respond?

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