Special Issue on Technology-enhanced Learning, Open Science and Global Education

At Sustainability Journal, and with my friend Prof. Dr. Khalid Berrada, from Trans ERIE –Faculté des Sciences Semlalia, Université Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco, we are editing a special issue, supported by the editor Mrs. Kathering Peng (thanks, Katherine! 🙂 Following, I paste the call-for-papers, with submission deadline in November, 2020

«Educational technology, online learning and Open Science are key pillars in modern academic and professional settings. From informal learning and non-formal learning thanks to thousands of educational pills on the Internet, like videos, wikis, MOOCs and other Open Educational Resources; to a variety of tools, software applications and technological improvements, like blockchain, cloud computing, immersive scenarios, serious games and a long etcetera; education is now enhanced. The student and the teacher are more connected to work on their topics, they have more resources and services to play with, and they can reach a wider impact with a reasonable workload thanks to never-ending networks.

«All of them widen the learning and teaching possibilities, across the world, in endless ways»

In this context, global education becomes a fourth pillar. The variety of languages, cultures and ways of expression; resources, technology access, licensing formats; methodologies, strategies, academic programmes, actions plans: All of them widen the learning and teaching possibilities, across the world, in endless ways. This special issue encourages addressing inter-cultural ways in which technology enhances learning, teaching and Open Science.  In doing so, learners, teachers and academic managers are better supported to achieve new competences, increase their performance and reach new milestones, which would difficult or impossible to get, without that very technology.»

April, the 10th, 2020