To Use or Not to Use: Impact of Personality on the Intention of Using Gamified Learning Environments

Technology acceptance is essential for technology success. However, individual users are known to differ in their tendency to adopt and interact with new technologies. Among the individual differences, personality has been shown to be a predictor of users’ beliefs about technology acceptance. Gamification, on the other hand, has been shown to be a good solution to improve students’ motivation and engagement while learning. Despite the growing interest in gamification, less research attention has been paid to the effect of personality, specifically based on the Five Factor model (FFM), on gamification acceptance in learning environments. Therefore, this study develops a model to elucidate how personality traits affect students’ acceptance of gamified learning environments and their continuance intention to use these environments. In particular, the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) was used to examine the factors affecting students’ intentions to use a gamified learning environment. To test the research hypotheses, eighty-three students participated in this study, where structural equation modeling via Partial Least Squares (PLS) was performed. The obtained results showed that the research model, based on TAM and FFM, provides a comprehensive understanding of the behaviors related to the acceptance and intention to use gamified learning environments, as follows: (1) usefulness is the most influential factor toward intention to use the gamified learning environment; (2) unexpectedly, perceived ease of use has no significant effect on perceived usefulness and behavioral attitudes toward the gamified learning environment; (3) extraversion affects students’ perceived ease of use of the gamified learning environment; (4) neuroticism affects students’ perceived usefulness of the gamified learning environment; and, (5) Openness affects students’ behavioral attitudes toward using the gamified learning environment. This study can contribute to the Human–Computer Interaction field by providing researchers and practitioners with insights into how to motivate different students’ personality characteristics to continue using gamified learning environments for each personality trait.

Full access at: Denden, M., Tlili, A., Abed, M., Bozkurt, A., Huang, R., & Burgos, D. (2022). To Use or Not to Use: Impact of Personality on the Intention of Using Gamified Learning Environments. Electronics, 11(12), 1907. DOI: